13 Jul

Circus Vargas is back with a brand new show for 2011!  This exciting edition of Circus Vargas takes the audience on an artistic journey, encompassing the cultures of the world, elegantly achieved through a series of circus vignettes depicting the experiences, memories and vision of a traveling circus performer.  Join us on a captivating jaunt across the globe, as seen through the eyes of the talented aerialists and acrobats featured in this magnificent presentation, who bring with them, their interpretation of the art of circus, needing no translation, transcending all language, age and cultural barriers, and making Circus Vargas the magnificent circus it is today!

Arrive Early for the Preview Show!  Prior to every show, Host & Hostess Jon & Laura Weiss welcome the audience and invite the children (of all ages) into center ring for a tutorial of what life is like under the Big Top! Join the fun with Jon as he guides everyone on a crash course in circus skills such as juggling, feather balancing and hula-hooping!

Ticket Pricing:

Bleachers Adult $25, Child $15 – Arena Adult $35, Child $25 – Ringside Adult $50, Child $40

Remaining show times are:

July 13th 7:30pm

July 14th 7:30pm

July 15th 8:00pm

July 16th 2:00pm, 5:00pm, 8:00pm

July 17th 3:30pm, 7:30pm

July 18th 6:30pm

Get more information and purchase tickets on-line at:

Information provided by Intero Real Estate Services


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