1 Dec

The Intero Holiday Marketing Program

is designed to capitalize on selling to serious home buyers who are shopping over the holidays

while at the same time preserving the privacy of home sellers.


  • All showings are by appointment only and only to qualified buyers
  • No “For Sale” Signs
  • No advertising that identifies the home
  • No lock box
  • No feature or highlight sheets in the home
  • No inside-the-home information display
  • No home phone number in the MLS
  • No open house for the public or Realtors (unless requested)


  • Holiday buyers are particularly serious, committed and focused
  • Corporate executives transfers have more free time to shop for a home during the holiday season
  • Over the holidays there are fewer homes available, therefore supply and demand works in your favor.
  • Interest rates are very low at this time.
  • Many home buyers want to purchase homes before the end of the year.

The Holiday Marketing Program will take place until the first of the year.  If the home is still available as of January 5th, conventional marketing will then be used to sell the home.

Call today to take advantage of this great time to sell your home.

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