12 Oct

Around this time of year many clients are worried about listing their homes for sale in fear that fewer buyers will see the home during the holiday season.  contrary to what most people think, Thanksgiving to New Years is a very busy time for Real Estate Agents.

Many sellers take their homes off the market during the holiday season so their family will not be bothered.  Having fewer homes on the market is always a plus when selling a home – less competition for your home.  As a seller you can use the holiday to your advantage.  Decorations can be used to make your house look and feel very appealing to buyers.

Some buyers are very motivated and need to purchase a home before the end of the year.  This can be a huge advantage for the sellers.  Buyers looking for a home during the holidays are usually serious buyers.  You more likely to have people looking to purchase soon rather than someone who is just out checking the market.  Many buyer may have holiday time off work and use that time to find a new home.

Contact us today for more information on listing your home for sale.


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