17 Sep

People often ask; “What is a short sale really?” and “does it cost me any money?”  Please contact us for specific information to help you decide if a short sale is right for you, but the below information will give you a little background.

  • The home is listed for sale:  Most banks will not discuss short sale options until you have an offer on the home. 
  • Submit short sale package:  Once an offer is obtained, the realtor submits the “short sale package.” (Listing Agreement, Agency Disclosure, Authorization to Convey, Offer, 3 Month Bank Statements, 3 Month Pay Stubs, 2 Years Tax Return)
  • The bank can take up to a few weeks to receive and process the information.
  • The bank will assign a processor to the file.
  • Additional paperwork may be requested by the processor.  When paperwork is submitted, upload process will vary
  • The bank orders a BPO/Interior valuation of the home.  This value will help the bank determine the fair market value of the home and asses the loss they may incur.  This process can take several weeks.
  • The bank will assign a negotiator to the file.  It can take several months before a negotiator is assigned to the file.
  • Depending on the bank, it can take months for the negotiator to review the package for a decision.
  • The bank will issue approval, counter offer, additional items are requested, or the short sale will be declined.
  • If approval is provided, the escrow period begins.

Other important information:

  • During the short sale process the bank will also be moving forward with the foreclosure process.  Most banks will hold the foreclosure proceedings once a short sale package is submitted, but this is not always the case.
  • The seller can remain in the home until the short sale is completed and escrow is closed.
  • A successful close of escrow can be completed with no cost to the buyer or seller.  All fees (including taxes, closing costs, Realtor fees, etc.)  should be processed and charged to the bank during the short sale approval process.

We have a high success rate of short sale closes and look forward to helping you decide what your next step is.