16 Sep
The Brentwood Civic Center/City Hall is well under way just off the corner of Second and Maple Streets by the City Park.  Although plans and ideas change, the new facility will repair many of the problems that local residences have encountered for years. The new facility will have a well-defined drop off area that allows both short term parking and traffic circulation.  A parking structure that will house 280 stalls to accommodate both the Civic Center, and patrons of the library and downtown.  A large public plaza lined with palm trees and a tiered fountain centerpiece will be viewed by all.As of now, the first floor layout shows a large two story lobby providing a dramatic, naturally day-lit area.  The lobby will have dual entries from the park side as well as the vehicle drop off area which is connected to the parking structure. The lobby will be used for art shows, and public gatherings with an adjacent community room.  The community room will be a very large space which is divisible and opens directly to the park.  The space will have an additional kitchen and storage area as well as a receiving area.  A flexible community space such as an exercise/dance studio and art room.  The first floor will also house Utility Billing and Permitting Services Counters.  Purchasing and some Public Works/Engineering and Community Development staff.The second floor will house the remainder of the Community Development and Public Works/Engineering staff as well as Information Systems, City Council offices and numberous conference rooms. 

The third floor is scheduled to house the City Administration, City Clerk, Human Resources, City Attorney and Finance.

Plans are subject to change, and we will keep you posted with any updates.



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